A Memory of Aunt Dee

By Kara Peterson

Nearly all of my fondest memories of my Aunt Dee are sprinkled with her knowledge and pride regarding our family tree. My Aunt Dee told the best stories surrounding our family and kin from Kentucky to the great Scottish and Irish lands. She spent so much time researching our family tree and family origins – a trait I have grown to admire and emulate.

Years ago we had a family get-together in Hocking Hills, Ohio. There, Aunt Dee gave a speech informing us of our ancient origin in Scotland. She described, specifically, how we came from the “Pict” people. I sat there in awe of her. She described how we come from the “painted people” who were “red-haired” and “fearsome warriors”. Her eyes sparkled and her brow furrowed as she described these people. These “Pict-ish” people who we even look like and act like today. They were political, as well. Something that made us all giggle because we’re all so politically divided in our family. I could see how she was so pleased. Not because she was giving a speech, but because she is proud of where she comes from…where we come from. How invaluable is that for a young woman such as myself to witness?

Not only was she a strikingly beautiful woman on the outside, but she was a warrior on the inside, too. Because of her influence, I will continue to research our family tree and origins with remembrance and joy as she did. I will continue to learn and share. I will honor her this way, but I will also honor her by being proud of who I am. I will honor her by being confident and strong.

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